5 Great Amsterdam Places to Buy Chocolate Online

1. Candela Chocolaterie


This Bilderdijk shop offers a wide variety of chocolates; especially at special times of the year (Sinterklaas, Santa, Valentijn). You can order from handmade bonbons to sweet chocolate babies. Free delivery above orders of 50 euro. For smaller orders you’ll have to pay 3.95 euro to get the package on your doorstep.

Bilderdijkstraat 61
1053 KL Amsterdam

2. Chocolate Company

This brand caters chocolate lovers all over the world, after starting in a small shop in Germany 10 years ago. They mostly sell giftsets, but also have hotchocspoons and chocolate smear for the true chocoholics! Up to an order of 20 euro you pay 3.95 euro for delivery, from 20 to 49.99 euro it’s 2.95 euro and all orders above 50 euro will be sent for free.

Rijnstraat 28
1078 RC  Amsterdam

Eerste Van Der Helststraat 74
1072 NZ  Amsterdam

3. Australian


You probably already know the ‘dreamers’ of Australian…. (if not: you HAVE to try them once!) These lovely – home made – chocolates come in great gift packages & are very easy to order online. Want to try one first? Just pick one at the Amsterdam store, you won’t regret it! 🙂

Arena Boulevard 102 – 108
1101 DJ Amsterdam

4. Tony’s Chocolonely


Once you have tried Tony’s you never want to go back to the mediocre chocolate of other brands. Besides tasting great, Tony’s Chocolonely buys their cacao from slavefree traders and is trying to make this the new standard in the whole chocolate industry. Go Tony’s!

Chocolate sold @ Albert Heijn & Dirk or online

5. Sterk Amsterdam


Bovetti – Divine chocolate sold @ Sterk

Most people know Sterk as a liquor/evening store (which it is, a very, very cool one), but Sterk also sells some great pieces of A list chocolate, which they can ship to your home. For those who have never been in Sterk: you have got to check it out someday (perhaps when in need for liquor or chocolate in the very late hours of the night 🙂 )

De Clercqstraat 7
1053AA Amsterdam