Housing in Amsterdam: Rentals for Acceptable Prices

Temporary Stay


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Are you staying in Amsterdam for a short period of time, or are you in between houses? Then check out Amsterdam2Stay. For a maximum of 6 months you can rent a studio for a very, very reasonable price (609,58 a month). Studios are located in Zuid (Buitenveldert).

Casa 400

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Live next to Amsterdam Amstel Station in a parttime student ‘house’/parttime hotel. Casa 400 hosts tourists in the summertime & rents out to Amsterdam students from October till the end of May. Rooms cost 465 euro a month. There are tons of facilities, since it’s also a hotel. There is a waiting list of about 5 to 8 months.

The Student Hotel

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Just like casa 400 The Student Hotel mixes short stay & long stay in one location: you can book a room for one day, but also book rooms for a semester. Prices start at 595 euro a month. A pretty cool, but also very popular concept: almost all the longstay rooms are booked already. Nevertheless it’s worth checking out, for the next semester…


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Former Academy for Dental Care, transformed to a building with fairly priced student rooms (with shared facilities). Prices range from 293 to 458 euro a month. More info can be found here.

Ravel Residence

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A newly built complex near Zuid WTC with hundreds of studio’s for students. Prices start at 605 euro. Will come with tons & tons of cool facilities. The building should be finished in February 2015. More info about the complex is here.

Indefinite Stay

Camelot BV: Rijswijkstraat

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Camelot B.V. has started to transform the former office building to a flat with affordable studios for students & young professionals. The building is located at the Rijswijkstraat, just across the small shopping area of Delflandplein. A total of 229 studios will be ‘built’; each studio will be between 24 to 36 m2. The building is situated very close to the Fashion District & Oud Zuid. There will be shared facilities for tenants (wifi, laundy room etc). The studios should be finished in November of 2014.

Change: Postjesweg

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At the Postjesweg the project Change is being realised: 500 affordable studios for young professionals, each 28m2. The building will have shared facilities like wifi, flexible working spots, electrical cars which can be lend. Unfortunately the website doesn’t mention the prices of the studios. You can already enlist for a studio.

Woontank: King, Queen & Square

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Woontank is an organisation that’s building high end apartments for young professionals for affordable prices. At the moment King, Queen & Square are being built. King & Queen are located in the Fashion District, just across the World Fashion Centre. Apartments in King & Queen are between 60 to 90m2, prices range from 700 to 900 euro a month. You can already apply for an appartment in King & Queen! Square is being built in the Rivierenbuurt area and will be available in 2016, King & Queen will be finished in 2015.

Jacobus Recourt: Mondriaan

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In Overtoomse Veld the second phase of building the Mondriaan has started. 132 houses are being built and will be rented out by Jacobus Recourt. At the end of 2015 the project will be finished. Enlisting for a home is already possible.

Fashion District

Living in het Loo – Actys

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In the Fashion district spacious, high-end apartments are being rented out by Actys. The prices of the apartments are lower (1000 euro a month) than the neighbouring flats of Bouwconsulting and a free parking spot is included. The service of Actys is quite miserable, but active tenants are on top of Actys all the time.


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Next to the flat of Het Loo of Actys, the buildings of the Oranjekwartier can be found. Bouwconsulting rents out these apartments, that are quit similar to the ones in Het Loo. Apartments are about 100m2 en cost about 1300 euro a month. Parking spot is not included and costs 150 euro a month. Service of Bouwconsulting is excellent. Residents have their own – closed – Facebook group to keep in touch & discuss matters which concern all tenants.

Fregelaan: Actys

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Next to the Oranjekwartier are four apartment buildings, with 2 to 4 bedroom-apartments (70-100m2). Actys rents out the apartments, located at the Fregelaan. The apartments are not as high-end as Het Loo & Oranjekwartier, but they are also an excellent place to stay. Indoor parking spots can be rented when necessary. Prices vary from 730 to 1300 euro.


Always consider to enlist for a house on Woningnet. Although it seems useless, it might come in handy in – say – 15 years or so. Woningnet distributes the ‘sociale huurwoningen’ of Amsterdam and its surroundings. After enlisting you start your time on the big, big waiting list; remember, the first 10 years or so you are without a chance. There is one exception though, when you enlist for houses that are given away by a lottery system. The social housing will only be distributed to people who make 34.678 euro at the most (and this will be checked!). If your salary is above that, have a look at the ‘vrije sector woningen’ which you can rent straight away!


Funda is a very reliable resource for houses, for both buying and renting. If your budget is high enough (1000plus) you should be able to find a decent house here. Most of the time you don’t have to pay a fee to actually get the house, like a lot of ‘helpful agencies’ do tend to ask.

Facebook Group ‘Woningen Te Huur In Amsterdam’

Can’t find your room, studio or apartment in one of the above mentioned places? Check out the Facebook Group ‘Woningen te huur in Amsterdam’. It’s a reliable resource for rooms & apartments from locals, with a small chance of getting conned.

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