How to Become a Volunteer in Amsterdam?

If you are living in our lovely capital, you might feel the need to contribute in some kind of way to our society, to ‘give back’. Volunteering can be very satisfying way to do so – and – get you even more connected to the Dutch society.

But where to look for a volunteering gig?

1. Vrijwilligerscentrale Amsterdam

This organisation has over two thousand volunteering vacancies in its database! The Vrijwilligerscentrale will gladly assist you finding a good volunteering match. You can check out their online database yourself (tons of cooooool vacancies), or make an appointment to find a ‘job’ that matches your wishes. They even have an expat section nowadays, with English speaking advisors, ready to help you out. 🙂

2. Amsterdam Cares

Not so much into long term commitments, but do feel like contributing every once in a while? Then check out Amsterdam Cares! They offer volunteering on a single event-basis. They got an online calender with events they need volunteers for; once you are a registered member you can pick out the event you want to attend as a volunteer. Great for people who need a lot of flexibility!

3. Ziekenboeg Amsterdam

This facebook group is the ‘social infirmary’ of Amsterdam. Any sick person in need can request for help, and group members will try to help this person out. Since there are a lot of single people in Amsterdam with families far, far away, this is a great initiative to help each other out in the city. People help each other out by running errands or getting meds.

4. Your Own Neighbourhood

Sometimes the problem you want to fix is right under your nose! Perhaps someone in your neighbourhood could use a helping hand. Maybe some elderly neighbours could use a helping hand or some social talk. If you are not sure who to help in your area, you can always check with the local buurthuis or wijkagent.