Stroopwafel Machine for Sale – just 7 euro!

Make your own Stroopwafel with a Stroopwafel Machine!schermafbeelding-2016-11-21-om-16-33-10

Great news! The stroopwafel machine from Blokker is now available for just 7 euro. Great gift for the wannebe home chef 🙂


History of Stroopwafel

The stroopwafel seems to be everyone’s favourite: the Dutch love it & the expats love it & tourists fall in love with this great piece of sweetness. The stroopwafel is said to be made of cookie debris and syrup, a recipe concocted by a smart pastry chef from Gouda, mr. Kamphuysen. The stroopwafels were cheap – hence debris – and became a favourite among poor people. They are being sold since the beginning of 1800.

You can buy fresh stroopwafels at every market place in the Netherlands. But for those in need of their own badge of fresh stroopwafels any time of the day, the solution is here: DIY stroopwafels.


First of all you will need a machine to make the wafels, the outside cookies. Although you can not get the official ones the guy on the market uses, you can easily replace this machine for a kniepertjesmaker. At the moment Blokker is selling a such a ‘stroopwafel machine’ for 7 euro.

stroopwafel ijzer

Ok, now you need a good recipe. Luckily chef Rudolph van Veen has put one online (with a video how to do it). For those who prefer a PDF version of the recipe, click here.

Enjoy! We’ve tried Rudolphs recipe and you get awesome stroopwafels! It does take some time to make them, but it is absolutely worth it.

Stroopwafels are the best when they are warm, with the syrup melted. Warming them again, without the whole stroopwafel falling apart can be quite tricky. But this is how the Dutch prefer to do it: lay it on top of a warm cup of coffee or tea. Just don’t forget to eat it before it gets messy 😉 Enjoy!