Weekendtip: Harvest Your Own Potatoes!

riek potatoesIt’s that time of the year again, the potatoes are ready to be harvested! The farmer at the Parklanden in Nieuw-Vennep will open his doors to the public this Saturday, September 12th. You’re welcome to come and harvest your own potatoes. But first RSVP by sending an email (see below) and let them know when and with how many people you want to come.

The agricultural fork (‘riek’ in Dutch) and a special sack are ready for you to be filled with potatoes. The farmer will drive you with his tractor to the land to harvest the potatoes. The potatoes you can bring home with you are called ‘Agria’. They are perfect for making your own pommes frites or as the Dutch call it ‘patat’ 😉 

A sack of potatoes of 5 kilograms will cost you 3 euro. That less then what you’ll pay in the supermarket. And much more fun too, right? The farmer will donate a part of the incomes to the Voedselbank Haarlemmermeer, a food bank that provides food to people with low or no income.

Harvest Your Own Potatoes

When: Saturday September 12th, 10:00 – 14:00.
Where: Rijnlanderweg 1185, Nieuw-Vennep. This is only 20 minutes by car from Amsterdam.
Costs: entrance is free after you’ve send an email to parklanden@gmail.com. 5 kg of potatoes will cost you only 3 euro!